• Treat Your Baby's Jaundice At Home

    Our Standard Package starts from $300 for 3D2N
  • What is jaundice?

    Jaundice, a very common condition in new-borns, often seen as yellow colour of the skin and whites of the eyes that happens when there is too much bilirubin in the blood.

  • When will you find out?

    Jaundice first appear when new-borns are 2 to 4 days old.  This is because the liver, which removes bilirubin from the baby’s body, is not ready to do this job yet. Generally this is not a problem and will go away within 2 weeks.

  • Ways of treatment?

    Phototherapy is the primary treatment. By administrating light waves, it will remove bilirubin in the blood through absorption into the baby’s skin and blood, thus changing bilirubin into waste products.


  • Treating Jaundice at Home 

    Home treatment brings advantages

    • allowing the mommy to continue breastfeeding without having the hassle of delivering breast milk to the hospital.
    • Ability to continue to bond with the baby
    • Rent jaundice meter from us & mommy can monitor the jaundice level at home and get a doctor’s confirmation later.


  • GE Lullaby LED Phototherapy System

    • Delivers high-performance
    • High-intensity phototherapy with whisper-quiet operation
    • 28% faster serum bilirubin breakdown

    Drager Jaundice Meter

    • Lightweight and ergonomic design
    • No blood draw so less stress on fragile newborns
    • Provides a faster and accurate reading
    • %
      New-born Babies

      have neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia)

    • %
      Premature babies

      have neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia)

    • %
      Satisfied Parents

      and healthy babies

    • Average New-born babies Per Year

      up to 60% are affected by jaundice

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