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  • Who are we?

    Thousands of newborns experience infant jaundice which generally occurs at birth or within their first week. The recommended treatment for newborn jaundice is to expose the baby to phototherapy. Phototherapy consists of shining light onto the skin where the illumination breaks down the excess bilirubin, thereby decreasing its level.

    Today, phototherapy treatment can be done at the comfort of your home.  At Cradle n Care, we provide the GE Lullaby LED Phototherapy System for at-home use.  Our phototherapy lights are the same as what Singapore hospitals are currently using, namely 

    1. Mount Elizabeth Orchard
    2. Mount Elizabeth Novena
    3. Thomson Medical Centre
    4. Parkway East Hospital
    5. National University Hospital
    6. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital 

    We believe your baby deserve the best.  Hence, we take extra care to ensure our equipment are purchased brand new, carefully cleaned & safely checked before we deliver them to your door step.

    Cradle N Care Mission Statement

    To deliver quality medical equipment rental services at best cost to homes

    Cradle N Care strives to

    Deliver fast and caring customer service.

    Deliver safe, clean equipment in good working order.

    Provide a valuable service at a competitive price.