GE Lullaby LED Phototherapy System

  • GE Lullaby LED Phototherapy System

    Thanks to advanced technologies, the Lullaby LED Phototherapy System is equipped with Royal blue LEDs that focused on the adapted wavelength1 (450-465-nm) for maximum bilirubin metabolism.

      • There is no spill, no glare
      • Innovative optical design minimizes spill light outside the bed
      • No undesired blue light exposure to caregivers, reducing headache complaints
  • Jaundice Meter

    1. Touch screen display
    2. Faster measurement
    3. Gentle for the baby

  • Graco® Dream Suite Bassinet

    1. Reversible bassinet and changing table, all-in-one
    2. Four locking wheels for easy maneuverability
    3. 2-speed vibration helps soothe baby