Phototherapy at Home

Bilirubin levels generally peak in babies about three to seven days after birth. During this time, having the phototherapy treatment at home gives mothers a chance

- To continue to breastfeed and bond with the baby

- While there is no shuffling stress to and fro hospitals, mothers can rest adequately at home.

- In a stress-free environment, it will stabilize the breast milk flow.

Cradlencare works with a number of baby clinics. When phototherapy treatment is recommended by your doctor, have a discussion with your doctor if home phototherapy is suitable.

Our staff will deliver the equipment to your house promptly, set it up for you and teach you.

A user card will also be given to you.


在家光疗胆红素水平通常在婴儿出生后三至七天达到峰值。在这段时间里,在家接受光疗会给妈妈们一个机会 –

1) 继续母乳喂奶并与宝宝建立母子连心

2) 没有返回医院喂奶的压力,能让妈妈在家中充分休息。

3) 在无压力的环境中,妈妈便能稳定母乳流量

Cradlencare与许多婴儿诊所合作。如果您的医生建议进行光疗,请与您的医生讨论宝宝是否适合进行家庭光疗。 我们的工作人员便会和您联系,在同一天内将设备运送到您的家,为您安装并教您运作方法。 我们同时也会给您一张说明卡,让您在租用的期间能随时参考。

GE Lullaby LED
Phototherapy System

$380.00 (3D2N)

Thanks to advanced technologies, the Lullaby LED Phototherapy System is equipped with Royal blue LEDs that focused on the adapted wavelength1 (450-465-nm) for maximum bilirubin metabolism.

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